Artist Bio

Sara LaMott received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004 from Plymouth State University. Sara has lived in NH her entire life and currently works out of her home in Sutton. Her work is mainly comprised of still lifes and the local flora and fauna. Sara is primarily a mixed media artist, working in both fiber and acrylics, often combining the two. Sara has participated in several juried shows throughout the US, featuring her art quilts. Most recently her inspiration has turned to mixed media paintings.


Artist Statement 

My work is mainly comprised of mixed media acrylic paintings and fiber art. I like to work with textures and multiple layers so that I can, as I work, discover new ways to uniquely bring each individual piece to life. I often switch between canvas, paper, and fabric depending on my vision of what best suits the subject.

I primarily work from my own photos and surroundings, finding beauty in ordinary things. I am drawn to the local flora and fauna as well as everyday household objects. I take inspiration from flowers in the garden, the labrador retriever sleeping on the couch, a drab grasshopper crouching along the walk, an old vase on a corner table. Each in their own way demands closer examination, so as not to be passed by or forgotten. A deeper inspection of one’s surroundings has a grounding effect. Time slows down and draws you into the present moment.

When I am working, I find momentary peace in a busy, overstimulating world. It calms my mind and offers me an escape from the daily distractions we all encounter. I invite you to step away with me, take a closer look, if only for a moment, and go on a journey to discover the beauty and nuances of the ordinary things in our lives. Behind the layers of life and art, you will discover what speaks to you and what transforms the mundane into something meaningful and memorable.